Pros and Cons of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repar

plumbergordon Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless pipe repair is a new pipe repair technology. It is a no dig process which could guarantee you a lot of advantages and unfortunately, several disadvantages. This is the method of pipe repair that is widely used compared to the traditional way. However, some people are still left unsure to why this advanced pipe repair technology is effective to home owners. Probably you’re also having some downsides of choosing this method rather than the traditional one. So here’s a list of the pros and cons of trenchless sewage pipe replacement.


Cost and Time Effective. Since this is a no dig process, lesser time would be necessary to complete the job. This alternative way of repairing sewer pipe uses a machine which then needs fewer technicians to repair. It just obviously means that you’ll be able to save money since you will be paying less for the labour. Trenchless pipe repair can be finished in a matter of hours which means you got to pay less since the total time of labour is incredibly reduced. You won’t also have to worry about the restoration of your landscape since the process would be less intrusive.

Environment-Friendly. Trenchless pipe repair is an environment-friendly method since it requires less digging. Digging up one to two holes is enough in this process and it cannot devastate your exterior property. Excessive digging of soil could lead to ecological damage. It can also ruin your beautiful landscape. This process won’t take a long time to finish which means it cannot disturb your neighbourhood for a long time.

Better Function. High-quality piping materials are used in this method. These are joint-piping materials that could prevent future gaps, cracks and root intrusions in pipes. It will also not corrode easily compared to the traditional piping materials. Furthermore, since high-quality materials are used, this can last longer by using the seamless technology. Future repairs would also be a less problem since there will small and fewer repairs needed. In addition to this, the pipes will get to have an increased flow capacity.


Late Rehabilitation. Trenchless technology repair will not be suitable if it’s too late to rehabilitate the damaged pipe. In cases like this, the sewer lines could probably be severely damaged. The only process suitable for this is to trench it traditionally and manually and to replace the pipes underground. With this, you have to suffer paying much time and much money for the repair of your pipe.

Improper Repair. Once the repair is not performed properly, it could lead to some tremendous issues. It could result in a huge complication to home owners and probably to the neighbourhood. To perform the repair completely and properly, you must hire the right trenchless sewer company with an experienced and professional technician. This typically happens because the fittings are pipe-burst right through or the epoxy wasn’t repaired long enough. The drain flow of the other system of the property could probably be blocked.