How Pipe Bursting Is Done

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Pipe bursting is a process where new pipes are installed by placing in a new line through the use of an equipment called the bursting head. Yes, by bursting we mean that the old and damaged pipes are destroyed while simultaneously replacing it with a new one. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how pipe bursting is done.

* Inspection of the internal structure of the pipelines.

Every pipe repair methods require a visual inspection. This is the foremost step that the contractors take because this is how they can determine the condition of your pipes. They have to know if the internal structure of your sewer pipes is compatible with the type of repair method that they are going to apply. The inspection includes the checking of the nature of the pipes used in the old pipelines as this can help the contractors in determining the situation if the pipe bursting method is suitable. This is because there are other pipe materials that are not well-suited with the pipe bursting method. So, a few adjustments are needed to carry out the task.

* Removal of blockages found inside the pipes.

Once the contractors are done with the inspection, they surely would have found items down there such as tree roots and solid things that are the cause of the damage or the blockade. They will have to remove these items from the pipes through the use of a hydro jetter (a high water pressure method) or even by just simply pulling them out.

* Preparation of the equipment.

After the block is cleared off, the equipment used for pipe bursting are then prepared. These pieces of equipment include the bursting head, the new liners, and the winch machine, among others. The preparation phase also includes the digging of the two excavation points where the new pipes should pass through. These two points are the entrance and the exit for the bursting head and the new pipes. The excavation would only be big and deep enough for the bursting head and the pipes to pass through. So, don’t worry about your lawn being wrecked.

* Installation of the new pipes begins.

Both the bursting head and the new pipes are attached to a cable at both ends and this cable is then connected to the winch machine that will pull them through the hole where the old pipelines are located. These must be set up properly to avoid any form of mistake during the installation of the new pipes. The bursting head will go in first to obliterate the old pipeline and the new lines that are attached to the other end of the cable are automatically replacing the old one.

* Final inspection and check-up.

After the new pipes are installed, there is a final inspection that is to be conducted. This final step includes the inspection for leaks and pressure check-up. If there are no mishaps found, then the pipe bursting is complete and your sewer pipes are ready for battle again.