3 Causes of Collapsed Pipe and Its Repair Procedures

plumbergordon collapsed pipe and repair procedures

Collapsed sewer lines are common to many sewer systems because of many factors. This normally happens to various untreated pipes which lead to the loss of the pipe’s integrity and structural performance which would eventually lead to a collapsed pipe. When these pipes collapse, it will then require the pipe repair processes to be performed. However, it is also important to know the causes of collapsed pipes to know what to do to avoid them.

Causes of Collapsed Pipes

  1. Tree root incursion

Tree roots seeking for water may invade your buried pipes and cause it to weaken and lose its integrity. As the roots grow within your pipes, it will destroy the walls until it can no longer handle the pressure of the earth above it. If the pipe is weak enough, it will cause the pipe to collapse.

  1.  Misaligned pipes

Offset or misaligned pipes can as well cause the pipe to collapse. With a misaligned pipe in a connection, the water that flows through the pipe can erode the soil at the bottom of the pipe causing an uneven surface for the pipe to lay. Without enough support from the bottom, it would be impossible for the pipe to hold the load above it until it collapses.

  1.   Aging pipes

Older pipes are apparently weaker compared to newer pipes. Pipes tend to degrade and deteriorate after how many years of usage because of many factors. And when these degrade, it will be easier for pipes to collapse especially when they are weak.

Collapsed Pipe Repair Procedures

  1. Restore your sewer system

The first thing you should do is to restore the flow of your sewer system by doing some cleaning and maintenance procedures. Drain cleaning and rooter cleaning may help in restoring the flow of your sewer line when it’s clogged. Doing the sewer camera inspection may help locate the collapsed area.

  1. Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting your collapsed sewer line is a more permanent solution in cleaning your sewer line than rooter services alone. Hydro jetting will help remove the wastes and the dirt within the sewer lines with the use of high pressure water. This method is more effective and safer to the environment.

  1.   Pipe relining

Relining your damaged sewer line will help restore the structural integrity and performance of the line. Relining your sewer line would mean inserting a lining within the damaged pipe that restores its strength. The lining is strong enough to protect the pipe which makes a pipe-within-a-pipe effect. However, this process can only be applied to pipes that are not severely damaged and can still be beneficial.

  1.   Pipe bursting

Aside from pipe relining, another method you could use to repair you collapsed pipe is the use of the pipe bursting process. This process is suitable for pipes that are severely damaged and can no longer be used. This process destroys the existing pipe with a bursting head and replaces the pipe immediately by attaching the new pipe in the bursting head to lay the new pipe and destroy the old one.