3 Benefits of Vitrified Clay Pipe

plumbergordon vitrified-clay-pipeIn purchasing things, you would probably go for those which are the best and are made of high-quality materials. The main reason for this is to have a longer length of service of the system. Another thing is to minimise the costly repairs and replacements. There are certain factors to consider in choosing the best pipe. One of the most used pipes is known as the vitrified clay pipe. This is widely known and used by plumbing contractors and homeowners due to its benefits. Here are 3 benefits of using a vitrified clay pipe.

1. Longevity of Service

As a homeowner, no one would want to put their hard earned money into waste. When installing a sewer pipe, most would opt for a cheaper and economical substitute for the sewer pipe instead of investing in the expensive ones which have high initial costs and quite dangerous in the process of installation. However, there are some that prefer the average quality pipe and less expensive which can somehow lead to a problem in the plumbing system.

Damages may also occur easily and its service lifespan is not as long compared to the properly detailed and expensive ones. If this occurs, the homeowner will probably face destruction because of construction, costly renovations and frustration for not being able to use the plumbing facility as it is not functioning. One factor that makes a pipe repair or replacement expensive is the digging to remove the pipe.

The main reason that substitute pipes do not last long is because they lack resistance against abrasive factors and also have a low structural strength. On the other hand, vitrified clay pipes are known to be efficient and helpful which could last up to a hundred years after the instalment. Vitrified clay pipes are non-toxic materials which mean, it is not harmful to the health of the community and the environment.

2. Resistance to Corrosion

In choosing a sewer pipe, one characteristic that you must consider is its resistance to corrosive factors. Once you get to choose a sewer pipe with a low resistance to corrosion, you will certainly experience a lot of repairs and replacements anytime. The main cause of corrosion is the hydrogen sulphide that is present in the pipe which reacts to the egg odour. This can result in a chemical reaction which the plumbers consider it as highly corrosive. The best thing about the vitrified clay pipe is its high resistance to all forms of solvent, aggressive soils in the area, strong industrial waste and acid. It is not necessary to protect the covering of the pipe just to keep it in a good condition.

3. Structural Strength

The vitrified clay pipe has a high resistance to bending, flattening and deflecting since it is made of hard materials. Since it is made of unique properties, the shape and figure of this pipe are left unchanged even if it has undergone a lot of stress. The structural integrity of the pipe is based on the composition of the pipe. This kind of pipe is established on solid bedding for an extensive support around the walls. With this, the pipe is unbendable and it won’t be destructed by any natural disasters and calamities.