Tankless Or Inline Water Heaters

Tankless water heater is the most common name of the inline water heater, which also get known as instantaneous or the demand type water heaters providing warm or hot water only when needed. It doesn’t cause standby loss of energy that is very much associated with the storage type water heaters. Hence, it helps you to save your hard earned money.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heater:


1.This kind of water heaters helps in eliminating the wastage of energy that is associated with the conventional storage types of water heaters.

2.The tankless water heaters are money savers, as it is 24 to 34% more efficient than the tank water heaters.

3.It doesn’t require you to wait till the time require for refilling of tank with the hot water after initial usage.

4.The tankless heaters of this kind of water heaters offer much more flexibility for better usage.


1.The tankless water heaters provide limited rates of the water flow.

2.It also requires enough of the electrical capacity or the gas service for supporting added load on such kind of water heaters.

3.Some of the gas-fueled units can also waste the energy, if by any reason pilot burns for longer time span or constantly.

4.Even if the tankless water heater is much energy efficient, but it cost much more as compare to the tank water heaters.

Tips to select correct Tankless Water Heater: 

1.Define your actual expectation by studying the advantages and disadvantages of the tankless water heater and co-relating it with your own usage.

2.Decide what type of the water heater you want for you home, as there are various types or models of the tankless water heater is available in the market, which might confuse you while shopping.

3.Before selecting any particular model you should first consider your usage of the water heater, as it will help you to select the correct model from various other available model of the inline water heater.