3 Different Kinds of Solar Collectors

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When using the famous solar water heater, what homeowners enjoy is the benefits it gives. Most of the time, we enjoy the low electricity bill, the incentives given by the federal government if you’re qualified with the requirements or the environmental advantages. On the other hand, there’s one thing we tend to overlook when using a solar water heater. This component is the solar collector. This component makes water heating procedure possible. The collector is responsible for converting sunlight for heating water. Typically, when you let people describe this part, they would describe it as the “rectangular-shaped black panel”. What we know about this is it collects energy, however, you probably don’t know is that it has various types in the market.

  1. Evacuated tube collectors

This type of collector is made either of single or twin wall. The collectors also have a glass tube that have vacuums utilised in order to give an insulation for heat loss. Single and twin wall collectors have a difference. Single wall collectors have tubes with an absorber coating that is similar to a flat plate collector. On the other hand, the absorber coating used in the twin wall collector can be found in the inner tube of the collector.

  1. Flat plate collector

Flat plate collectors are known for its simple design. The flat plate collector is made up of an insulator, frame, absorber sheet, and a transparent cover that is usually an iron-poor solar safety glass. The purpose of the safety glass is to take up large portions of the light spectrum. With the aid of the frame, it helps the collector from different weather conditions that can possibly damage the solar collector. In addition, the covers are usually galvanised, aluminium or fibreglass. Moreover, with the collector’s basic structure, there are some professionals who have designed better versions of flat plate collector which makes it even lighter and easier to install. Aside from these improvements, they also made improvised versions to the collector that makes it extremely versatile to different kinds of installation formats.

  1. Low-temperature unglazed collectors

For solar water heater users who are worried about what type of panel to use for their pool, experts recommended opting for the low-temperature unglazed collector. The collector has tubes that are created from either plastic materials or rubber. The water will circulate in its tubes. This type of collector is often used when heating a large amount of water. Since the collector isn’t insulated, it’s not that efficient in areas with cold weather. For some people who are confused with the term “unglazed”, this is used because the solar panel is wrapped with glass. Typically, the panel is made of a black material that can withstand ultraviolet rays. Since the panel doesn’t have a cover, the panel can absorb a huge part of the sun’s energy. However, it also has its own setback, due to windy conditions and lack of insulation, absorbed energy is easily lost.