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A Burst Heater in Gordon

Eliza’s was washing up the dishes late on Monday night when she noticed that water didn’t seem very hot. She boiled the jug and added the water to the sink just so she could finish the dishes before turning in for the night.

The alarm sounded at 6am, Eliza felt as though she had not had much sleep and hoped that a warm shower would make her feel better. She turned on the shower and reached over to feel the temperature of the water, it was cold. She turned the tap a few more times and cold water continued to flow out of shower.

She went out to the fuse box to see if there was power to the hot water heater. The circuit breaker was OK she was hoping that she might be able to simply reset it and wait for the tank to heat up. She had no luck, the circuit breaker was fine so she knew something else was wrong.

She called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Gordon and explained what had happened and he said if the fuse hadn’t blown it was more likely to be a faulty element and/or thermostat. He also asked of Eliza knew the age of the tank and she told him she wasn’t sure.

Eliza was lucky that she was due for a rostered day off. She called her Office and explained the situation and her boss kindly allowed her to take her day off today so that she could have a nice hot shower tonight.

When the plumber arrived he found the tank was thirteen years old so the most cost effective solution was to replace the tank to ensure she had hot water by the afternoon. He called the suppliers and organised to collect the tank whilst the old tank was draining.

In no time the plumber had returned with the new tank. He removed the old tank and ensured that all the existing pipe work was intact. He was able to install the new tank with minimal fuss and assured Eliza that she would have hot water later in the afternoon.

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