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    ✔ Hot water emergencies

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Emergency Plumbing Gordon

Des was a self-proclaimed Handyman. He liked to find out how things worked and made repairs to his home regularly sometimes to the amusement of his neighbours. He believed that he should attempt to fix something himself and only call in a professional when he needed to.

Thankfully he had learnt as a young man electricity is not something that you try and fix yourself best to leave that to the experts. Today the handyman turned plumber. Firstly he climbed up on the roof to repair a leak in the kitchen skylight. His neighbours were happy to see him climb down off the roof even thought it was only one storey high, it would still be a shocking fall if he lost his footing.

He triumphantly alighted the ladder and packed away his tools before heading off to the laundry. The tap set in the laundry had become very worn and water was dripping constantly. He talked to the guy at the hardware store for advice on changing the washers. He advised him that he can change the washers but suggested that he also reseat the taps, so he sold him a reseating tool.

Des knew he had to turn off the water and then remove the taps. So far so good. He placed the reseating tool in place of the removed tap body, and screwed the cone section into place. As per the instructions he adjusted the depth and then turned the handle clockwise. Des turned it a few times then decided to turn it a few more to make this a good job when he realised that he had done a whole lot more than he should have. The reseating tool had actually broken through into the breach. He inspected the damage with his torch and realised it was time to call a Glebe Plumber.

He called several numbers before Your Neighbourhood Plumber answered the phone. Des explained the problem and the plumber reassured him that it was a common problem with people trying to fix taps themselves.

The Gordon plumber explained what he needed to do to replace the breach and Des agreed to go ahead as long as the plumber could do it right away before his wife returned from shopping. The plumber got straight to work and replaced the breach with the water turned back on by the afternoon.Good plumbers in Gordon are hard to find so if you want great service from an expert, just call 0411 230 382.

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