Preventing Plumbing Disasters

No matter how well you have maintained your plumbing system, sometimes emergency plumbing issues may occur. Sometimes some parts of your home’s plumbing will fail to function. But it doesn’t mean plumbing problems should turn into disasters. This article will give you tips that you can use to prevent common plumbing problems that can bring disasters to your house and negatively affect your finances.

· Maintain cutout valves- all plumbing systems at home have shutoff valve that is found at the main water supply line just after the water meter. It is very important that this be maintained so that it is always in working condition to avoid pipe bursting. You should regularly check for leak through. You can even get a plumber to install several more cutout valves at certain locations for example one that separates the kitchen, or bathroom or one level of the home.

· Taking care of your drains- blocked drains are known to be one of the most causes of plumbing emergencies.

Kitchen drains- make sure you do not pour grease down kitchen drains. To prevent solid particles from entering the drain, you can use kitchen sink screens.

Shower drains- you should pick up fallen hair so that they are not tangled inside the pipes.

Drain pipes- you should cut any trees that are near drain pipes to avoid cost associated with their replacement.

· Look after your toilet- your toilet should not hold large volumes of solid waste on one go. Do a flush in between to ensure proper flow. Never allow kids to bring toys that are small enough to get into the toilets’ drain hole. In case you notice any difficulties in flushing, you can use the toilet pump and a bit elbow grease to get the flush back to normal. If this fails, you can always call your plumber to do some checks so that it does not turn into a minor emergency