8 Various Kinds Of Plumbing Pipes

plumbergordon plastic-polybutylene-pipe

For those newly built houses, it’s common for homeowners to be oblivious to what kind of pipes are they going to use for their sewer system etc. This is because there are various types of pipes available in the market. On the other hand, homeowners should know that pipes can be classified into two; plastic pipes and metal pipes. it’s important for homeowners to know these two and the types of pipes under it because the pipes are made for specific purposes and sizes that may not be suitable for your household.

So to help you with it, here are the following:

Plastic pipes

* Grey plastic polybutylene pipe

Typically, this kind of pipe  is either in grey or beige. Also, the pipe is known to be flexible and an inexpensive alternative for copper pipes. However, this kind of pipes is not really used in the household because of the fact that grey plastic polybutylene pipes are prone to leaks.

* Creamy plastic chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe

Most of the time, this pipe is utilised for cold and hot water supply and known to be much more reliable, flexible and cheaper in contrast to other pipes. However, when buried underneath the surface, the pipe is so tenuous that when it freezes due to the winter season, it splits up.

* Polyvinyl chloride pipe

Polyvinyl chloride pipes cannot be utilised with hot water it will cause the pipe to wrap. Most of the time, the pipe transports high-pressure water that’s this is commonly utilised on the main supply line of each household. Unlike grey plastic pipes that can be in beige or grey, this pipe can either be in white or grey colour.

* High-density polyethene

Similar to the creamy plastic pipe, this type of pipe is flexible. On the other hand, other characteristics which homeowners admire is its ability to resist corrosive properties. With that being said, this is the reason why this kind of pipe is commonly used to convey drinking water.

Metal Pipes

* Copper pipe

As mentioned earlier, copper pipes are known to be extremely expensive. This is due to its characteristic that could resist corrosion and heat. Also, these pipes are not prone to any leak issues since that fitting are soldered tightly. The copper pipes come in M,L,K sizes. For M and L sizes, these are commonly used for the interior cold and hot lines. However, for K size, this size is commonly seen buried underground. With that being, this kind of pipe is reliable and proven to last long. However, because of its price, people tend to opt for another type.

* Galvanised pipe

In contrast to copper pipes, galvanised pipes are only resists to corrosion and rust. Also, this pipe comes in a grey colour and are proven to last for more than 30 years.

* Stainless steel pipe

Although the price of stainless steel pipes is much higher compared to copper pipes, these pipes are commonly used for marine purposes and not for the sewer system.

* Cast iron pipe

Most of the time, cast iron pipes are utilised for drainage systems. However, during the installation procedure, contractors would have a hard time in placing the pipe due to its heavy weight. Due to the complications in its installation procedure, people tend to opt for PVC pipes.