8 Steps to Retrieve an Item from the Toilet

plumbergordon Items on toilet

Once an item is flushed down into your toilet accidentally, it would be a stinky task to retrieve it. There is a higher chance of your drains to drain slowly once it remains stuck in the trap. Important or not, you might want to retrieve this item to avoid severe damage in your pocket and toilet. To avoid paying costly bill to a plumber, check your toilet and waste pipes by yourself. This can also be a sort of small family bonding as you’ll be needing a hand in this task. Here are the steps in retrieving your lost item in the toilet.


1. Gather Materials Needed.

Before you can retrieve your flushed item, you need to gather first the necessary materials. Make sure you got these on hand: small plastic container, bucket, rubber gloves, closet auger, plastic putty knife, adjustable wrench, auger, rag and pipe wrench.


2. Turn off the Water Supply.

Turn off the water supply that supplies the toilet. Locate the shut-off valve at the back of the toilet and turn off the valve completely clockwise. Remove water from the toilet tank and basin by using the small plastic container.


3. Put on the Gloves.

Before reaching the trap inside the bowl, you got to put on your gloves first. This is applicable for items that are stuck and are visible at the opening of the trap where you can easily pull it out with your bare hands. If not, proceed to the next step.


4. Insert the Closet Auger.

Tuck the end of the closet auger in the toilet bowl’s trap and push it firmly. Slowly rotate the auger handle in a clockwise direction. As it rotates, the hook at the end will clench the item that got stuck in the trap. Rotate handle in an opposite direction if you find it difficult to turn then rotate it into clockwise again. Once you have sensed that you’ve already reached the item, rotate the handle slowly in a counter clockwise direction to get the item out of the trap. If it’s still stuck, move to the next step.


5. Remove Toilet.

Remove the plastic bolt covers which secures the toilet onto the floor through the use of a plastic putty knife. Use adjustable wrenches in removing the bolts. Call for help as you’ll need a hand in lifting the toilet up from the floor. Set the toilet aside and search for the trapped item. If item remains inside, go on to the next procedure.


6. Inspect Waste Pipe.

Search the waste pipe in the floor. Tuck the plumber’s auger in the pipe and rotate it gently. Continue to the next step, if still fail to retrieve the item.


7. Stuff a Rag and Place a bucket.

This step could be messy one so you should probably place a rag in the waste pipe. This is to avoid sewer gases from evaporating in the bathroom. Find the sewer clean-out plug which is normally located in a crawlspace or basement. Put a bucket under the plug to catch water. In a counter clockwise direction, turn the pipe wrench to loosen the plug slowly. Loosen it up that’s enough for fluid to flow into the bucket. Repeat process until it run out of fluid seeps from the plug to the bucket.

8. Remove the Clean-out Plug.

Remove the plug and put the auger in the pipe. Push the auger as far as it can reach until you feel the item. Turn the auger in a clockwise direction. Slowly pull the auger and check for the item.