5 Plumbing Problems Caused By High Water Pressure

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Many would prefer high water pressure due to the comfort it provides especially in the shower. In addition, it wouldn’t take much time in filling tubs, tanks or kettles. Homeowners will have extra time to do other chores. However, the presence of high pressure only shows that there is a problem in the system and it will invite other plumbing issues if the pressure isn’t adjusted to its suggested setting.

  1. Water wastage

Due to the high-water pressure, it’s inevitable that an amount of water will be wasted. By simply turning your shower or taps on, it will gush out to the extent that it’s too much for what you need. On the other hand, people must know that this won’t put major damage the pipe system but there will be an excessive increase in the water bill. This issue must not be ignored especially to those households who are on a tight budget. Moreover, an inexpensive solution is to simply reduce the water pressure. Turn the pressure valve to the desired pressure. The pressure of the water should always be in moderation.

  1. Pipe leaks

The excessive pressure will put tension on the plumbing fixtures and pipes. As this continues, these pipes will leak or burst. This problem will only invite other plumbing problems if not repaired. This issue should not be overlooked for the repair may come with a costly price. Apparently, pipe leaks also result to water wastage. This means that there’s a higher possibility of an increased water bill. The effects of water pressure in the pipe can be mended without intensive effort. On the other hand, the setback is it will decrease the efficiency and lifespan of the pipe system.

  1. Water hammer

Water hammer occurs when there’s too much pressure. This usually happens right after turning off the plumbing fixtures. Water hammer occurs when the water pressure runs through the valves or bends. This predicament can be immensely upsetting in the night. Aside from the vibration, the water creates banging noises. If this issue is overlooked, there is a chance that the pipe system might wear out or, expand up until it reaches its edge and burst. When it happens, you’ll be forced to replace the entire pipe system.

  1. Worn out valves

Our pipe system is composed of different valves to manage the flowing water. One of these valves is the shut-off valve. The valve is designed to purposefully stop the flow of water or decrease the volume of water flowing out of the taps. However, if the problem is not fixed, plumbing fixtures may wear out. Moreover, there might be some difficulties as the valve operates due to the force from the high-water pressure.

  1. Expensive replacements and an Increase in water bills

If high water pressure is present, this problem will only cause the fixtures to wear out easily. With this, homeowners will force to replace the fixtures. Aside from this, water consumption will also increase due to high pressure leading to high water bill.