3 Detrimental Practices That Damages the Drain System

plumbergordon damage drain system

Drain problems can be disappointing for homeowners. Not only it causes blockage issues but it also produces a disturbing smell. With this kind of issue, it delays our household chores. Regardless of the extent of the damage, homeowners should also take countermeasures to neutralise the problem and prevent it from worsening. Aside from the lack of maintenance, there are probably some plumbing practices that you might think are effective, yet is jeopardising the entire system. These are just misconceptions that everybody thought is helpful and this may also be the reason why your drain is giving you problems. To know more of these, we listed some plumbing misconceptions that have been worsening the problems instead of keeping it in good shape.

Using chemical-based cleaners

These cleaners are thought to be reliable since they’re approved to be sold in commercial stores. Chemical-based cleaners are used to clean and repair blockage issues. However, this is only effective for minor problems. For serious ones, this cleaner is useless and can only result in a serious spill that could burn the skin if a protective garment is not being worn. Constant usage of the product could also harm the drain system due to its chemical composition that can corrode the pipe linings. Apparently, corrosion will spread to other parts which exacerbate the issue. With this, the expert suggests another alternative such as the use of natural drain cleaners. For instance, citrus fruits, baking soda, vinegar, salt can be a great alternative to chemical cleaners.

Utilising wrong tools

Being resourceful in plumbing emergencies can be great, however, if this is guided with inappropriate tools, it will only worsen the situation. A common mistake people usually commit is using wrong tools as an alternative for what they don’t have.  Examples are listed below:

  • Using hose as an alternative for hydro jets

This alternative is mostly done and useless as the amount of pressure released by the hose is hardly equal to the hydro jet. Moreover, the only result homeowners get is the water that is backing up since it can’t push all the blockages out of the drain system. In addition to this, it also results in a severe water wastage.

  • Using household objects as an alternative for drain snakes

Some homeowners think that using other objects as an alternative can help solve the problem. For instance, the use of bent wire hanger. Using this is useless since it couldn’t get through bends and curves in the drain system. Moreover, its length is limited so it couldn’t remove blockages in the deepest part of the system. Bent wire hangers are not an ideal tool to use since they might create damages in the system that could only worsen the problem.

Overconfidence in operating professional cleaning tools

For some who don’t want the assistance of a professional plumber, they just buy the right tools in any home depot stores thinking that it’s easy to operate. Lack of knowledge in operating the tool will just damage the lining, walls, and joints of the drain pipe. The worst part of it is, you might be injured for using the tool incorrectly. It’s best to settle for easy-to-use tools to ensure your safety. Moreover, just let an expert handle the problem if you don’t know the repair process.