4 Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

In every household, it is inevitable that the homeowners get to experience blocked drains along with other issues that pertain to the sewer system and the drain fixtures. To make things worse, the problems don’t always make themselves known when everyone has ample time in their hands. In fact, in most cases, the problems and issues surface during the most inopportune times putting the homeowners at a disadvantage.

For damages, it is important that residents are equipped with the right tools and equipment that can help them make their chores easier and faster. Here is a short list of tools and equipment that are essential in keeping the drains on top of their game:

  1.    Standard Tools

Every homeowner needs to do is to be prepared as there can be emergencies at random times of the day. Having the essential tools will surely make things go smoothly. Standard tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and the like are useful in cases of loose pipes and problematic joints making them one of every resident’s home essentials. During times when there is a leaking pipe due to loosened joints and connecting pipes, all that needs to be done is to locate the appropriate tools and use them to secure the dripping or leaking areas. Being well-equipped with the appropriate tools might save you from a troublesome day.

  1.    Drain Snake

This tool is also one of the essential plumbing tools that needs to be present in every home. This is because one of the most common problems that happen in every home is the blocking of pipes and drains. There are also instances when the drain needs to be promptly fixed. So, if the homeowners have a plumbing snake at hand, all that is needed is to wind the blockage around the spring end of the metal spring to pull the blockage out easier. This might not remove the entire blockage but it is very efficient in restoring the flow of water so you can temporarily use your system until you can schedule a cleaning process or have a plumber totally unblock it with the use of a high pressure water jetter.

  1.    Plunger

A toilet plunger or a sink plunger is the go-to solution for drain or toilet blockages. There are instances that toilets get stuck and therefore stops functioning. For cases like this, it will cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience for disrupting everyone’s daily routine. The plungers function by pushing pressure into the blocked drain or toilet is to push the blockage further down the drain until it reaches a bigger pipe where it allows water and waste to flow freely.

  1.    Wire Brushes

When the blockage of the pipe or drain is at surface level, homeowners can use wire brushes to fish out the gunk. The first step is to pour boiling water down the blocked pipe to soften the accumulation inside the pipe and drain lines. After that, you can proceed to fish out the tangles and accumulated grease or oil gunk along the interior walls of the pipe. You can also use soap to make this easier. The wire brushes are used and functions the same way as toothbrushes.